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    PlayMyth is Dead
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Wed, Oct 03,2007 @ 07:35 PM (EST)

    From Blades, on his site, regarding the former myth server

    To The Myth Community
    I'm sorry to announce that I've decided to close and for the time being. I have just decided I no longer have the time or energy to deal with the endless cavalcade of drama and abuse that it entails and it's time for me to move on with my life. Should I continue my Myth related work at some point, I will bring things back on a different basis. I had wanted to re-do the site, but with life being the way it is I just don't have the time for it. I'm sorry and good night.

    So, there you have it, is Dead, head on over to to get all your Mything Needs Satisfied.

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    Mariusnet Re-Launches.... Mariusnet v2 Lives!
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Sun, Sep 23,2007 @ 11:07 AM (EST)

    Yeah, I'm two days behind on announcing my own launch... whaddaya want? :p

    Anyway... copied from

    This is a merger of and Mariusnet with many improvements.

    Much of the old functionality of MythForums has been moved here, and what hasn't will be. Of the major things still needing to be moved are Stats/Ranks. Stats & Ranks still exist as they always have, they are just still on MythForums for now.

  • Existing Accounts - You can log in immediately with your existing Mariusnet metaserver username & password. No need to register again
  • New Accounts - the web accounts here and your game server accounts are one and the same. If you register an account here, the server account is automatically created. If you change your password here, it changes on the game server.
  • Clan - All Clan management functions have been moved here. Creating, Leaving or Joining a clan has never been easier. Just start a clan and send out some Clan Invitations. Joining a clan is as simple as the click of a button on your invitation.
    Plugins Center - Has been moved here from MythForums and it has been given some updated functionality. I expect this to receive still further updates.

    At the top of the "To Do" list is a complete port and rewrite of the stats, rankings & film uploads.

  • So, if you are like some that have noticed some functionality disappearing from here, this is why. Eventually this site will just become a redirect to that site.

    Enjoy and Viva la Mariusnet!

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    BNA Mordia
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Tue, Aug 28,2007 @ 03:12 PM (EST)

    Conner over at said it best....

    Best Wishes To Mordia
    Conner (August 27th, 2007)

    All the old Myth players will probably remember Mordia, who was the lead admin for Myth 2 and then worked on Halo as well. Without Mordia it's doubtful MariusNet would have ever got off the ground, he answered and passed on some questions we had early on. I've met him a few times and he's a good guy - which makes the fact that he is now battling cancer a hard pill to swallow.

    Keep fighting the fight Mordia, we're all pulling for you!.

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    Mariusnet Registration Codes have gone the way of the Dodo...
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Fri, Aug 24,2007 @ 12:10 AM (EST)

    In short, you can toss out your Registration Codes, we don't use them any longer and the server won't accept them any longer.

    In its place are a couple of nifty new web interfaces for password changing and password retrieval. All new accounts are now created with a randomly generated initial password and it is emailed to you instead of the old Registration Code method. This means that you can get logged in the moment you receive your email without having to jump through the old Reg. Code in the Team Name trick.

    All password changes take place instantaneously and if you have forgotten your password, all you need is your username and the same email address you registered the account with.

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    More About Dean Ween
    Posted by FriendOfDeanWeen on Wed, Jun 06,2007 @ 08:19 PM (EST)

    Eric aka Dean Ween was one of my oldest and closest friends, and although I never personally played Myth I and all of his friends knew of his Myth enjoyment and skill. I also watched him play many a time on my visits to Brooklyn--the most recent was at the end of this past March when as was typical the night before I flew home we stayed up late and he played Myth while I raided his music collection, taking advantage of his incredibly broad music knowledge and picking his brain to choose what to take back with me.

    I wanted to provide the community with a few more links. First and foremost for anyone in the New York City area there will be a memorial service in Manhattan tomorrow (Thursday June 7) for Eric at 6pm at the Society for Ethical Culture (2 West 64th St. New York, NY US 10023). There is a link to that on his obituary page as well as:

    His online obituary is here:

    There is also an online guestbook that you can view and sign (I've already read entries from more than a few Myth players):

    Here are the two articles the NY Daily News ran:

    His photoblog was at:

    The website for The Urban Naturalists, his summer science and nature camp that he started last summer and was looking forward to running again this summer, is at:

    For people wishing to contribute something in his memory I don't know of a specific designated charity yet but I am certain something will be chosen or set up in the near future. When I find out details about that I will definitely pass them along.

    I'm sure the above links probably reinforce what many in the Myth player community already knew about Eric. There aren't adequate words to describe just what an incredible guy he was; he was pure good. His death has shocked and saddened us all, and he will always be remembered.


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