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    Dean Ween will no longer be playing myth
    Posted by lionheart on Wed, Jun 06,2007 @ 03:10 PM (EST)

    Dean Ween will no longer be playing myth
    Posted: June 03 2007

    , that is him. I recognize the pictures, and the biography. I do not have the language to express how sad I am right now.

    If I am able to find an address for flowers, or a charity to donate to, I will share it.
    Ween always had time to chat and we had some great battles together he even shared some of his photography with me.
    he,ll be missed.
    RIP Ween.

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    MWC 2007
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Tue, Jun 05,2007 @ 02:55 PM (EST)

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    Holy TFL Thursdays Batman!
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Thu, Apr 19,2007 @ 03:41 PM (EST)

    It's TFL Night on Mariusnet!

    if you don't have TFL, well, at least grab Magma's 'The Fallen Levels' and jump on with your copy of Myth2!

    Cya on tonight!

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    Happy Easter
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Sun, Apr 08,2007 @ 02:23 PM (EST)

    Happy Easter everyone.

    Hope everyone has a good holiday. Now if I could just get it to stop snowing.

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    New Server!
    Posted by PrplPplEater on Sat, Apr 07,2007 @ 09:55 AM (EST) has moved to a new server that (*gasp*) has managed power, backups and mirrored drives, but most importantly it is connected to dual OC-192's for some seriously phat bandwidth!

    As a result, as soon as the rest of the files are moved here, the Plugin Center will be turned back on and all of the files in there will be available as a high speed download.

    Because it is a new server, that means a new IP, so your ability to get here over the next few days may be somewhat intermittent as teh DNS changes propagate out across them internets.

    The & Mariusnet metaserver will be receiving the same treatment in the VERY near future.


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