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    Please choose a poll from the list below.
    Are you happy to see Mariusnet Reborn? (results)
    Would anyone notice if this website went away ? (results)
    Do you still play Myth on Mariusnet ? (results)
    Which is your Favorite ? (results)
    So now ya have 1.4: (results)
    Myth II v1.4 (results)
    What are you happiest to see ? (results)
    What would you most like to see ? (results)
    Are you willing to give Myth3 a second chance? (copy of the Mill's poll) (results)
    If M2 Nite on Mariusnet moved again, which nite would be best ? (results)
    What best describes Your Computer's CPU ? (results)
    What type of computer do you use for playing Myth? (results)
    What would be a good nite for Myth2 Mariusnet Nite? (results)
    It's been a few weeks now... What do you think of the new PlayMyth server ? (results)
    Which is your choice for new M&M ? (results)
    I plan to play : (results)
    Which is better ? (results)
    Which ranking system should I do first ? (results)
    Once the Mariusnet stats are all done, should I do a ranking system ? (results)
    DO you play on mariusnet (results)
    How much 'history' should the mariusnet stats have? (results)
    Now that is Officially going away, I will: (results)
    The best solution to the Myth III Server problem is: (results)
    Do you have Myth III: The Wolf Age yet? (results)
    Which stylesheet do you prefer? (results)
    What nite would be the best for a Weekly Plugin Nite? (results)
    Ok, it's definitely in an unfinished state, but what do you think of the site? (results)
    How much is not having the forums just killing you ! (results)
    What's your opinion so far of Myth III ? (results)
    So what do you think of the new look (remember it ain't done yet) (results)